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Krunikan Leima on viihtyisä tatuointiliike Helsingin sydämessä Unioninkadulla. Tatuoijina toimivat Elisabet Waris, Parn Zanco, sekä Ilari Musta.
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We are looking for new international artists!

Krunikan Leima is a cozy, art-orientated tattoo studio in the heart of Helsinki and we are expanding our shop with a new, almost 100 m2 private studio space, but keeping the current street shop as well. At the moment we have four  artists and our shop manager, and two confirmed new artists, but there will be at least 2 more spots for Finnish and international artists. If you are interested, please read on and fill the form below.

Move to Helsinki? Why would you do that? Well, let me tell you. First of all, you are pretty bad ass, if you can survive the freezing winter, the eternal darkness and the odd silent people – all the horror movie themes that is. Secondly, eventhough it’s damn cold and dark during the winter, there are some good things about Finland as well. Things tend to work quite well in here. And eventhough silent, it’s the place where people are the happiest in the world (Denmark too, but thats because they are eating so many antidepressants). Why is that? Well, it’s one of the least corrupted countries in the world, we got one of the best (and free from elementary school to university) education systems in the world, healthcare is pretty awesome and from the tattoo artists’ point of view, people are able to pay the right price for your awesome work and you can trust people.

What about Helsinki then? In the metropolitan area there’s over million people and about 50 tattoo shops. Approximately 20% of Finnish Adults have tattoos. Do the math. It means that you get to do tattoos you love to do. If you love neotradionatiol, that is what you get to do. The hour rates range from 100-150 euros / hour and maximum charge per day ranges from 500-1000 euros. Now, the city itself is not the most vibrant city (pretty far from it), but it is one of the safest, cleanest and tattoo-friendly capitals in the world. It is also quite open-minded and tolerant city and definitely one of the best places for Vegans! Even McDonalds sells McVegans in Helsinki! The nature is also one of the best things about Helsinki – there are number of beautiful islands all around, lots of forests and parks. It’s definitely one of the greenest capitals as well.

Now, about our studio. The reason why we like to invite international artists to join our team is that we know we can make things work for you. Our company is not renting chairs for your private business, but we are actually hiring people. What it means is that you get your salary, the company takes care of your insurances, pension, taxes, accounting, tattoo supply orders (paying them all) and everything. And it doesnt stop there – our shop manager has the responsibility of getting you customers, doing the marketing, handling all the emails and also your calendar, so basically your job is to do the face-to-face consultations, draw awesome designs and finally, do stellar tattoos to people who love your work. And once a month, you get your salary – in time.

One of our artists, Parn Zanco is from Thailand, so we built our process to help him out and then, we invited guests from abroad to our studio, and tried it out with them as well. And everything has worked great. So, it will work for you too. Basic English will do, you don’t need Finnish skills. And in Finland, people speak really good English, eventhough our accent is just hilarious

And hey, if you are insterested, please continue reading. We are taking applications in at the moment and we will get back to you by the beginning of June. As mentioned earlier, we will have at least 4 new spots and currently we have two of them filled. In other words, we are still looking for two full-time artists.

So, what do we expect from you? Here’s 12 points.


This is one of the most friendly and organized studios i’ve ever been to and it’s always a pleasure to come back here.
-Monika Boo



This means that we do things the right way. We do pay taxes (all of them), so there’s no black money, nor any sort of illegal business in our studio. None of that shit. It is something that we do value a lot in Finland and it is something we do value a lot in Krunikan Leima.


We do have some rules in the studio to keep it professional. The rules we make together and then we stick to them. This includes the proper knowledge of hygiene and aseptics, how to prepare your workspace, what protection to use during the tattooing and so on. We do party and do shit, but we don’t do that in  our workplace. So in the studio, there’s no drinking, no drugs, no drama.


We have zero tolerance for sexual harrashment. If you don’t know how to behave respectfully towards your workmates or clients, then this definitely is not your place to be.


We do not wish to work with racists or intolerant people. If you have hard time respecting people of color, different cultures, different sexual orientations, different gender, then this is not the right place for you.


We definitely want you to be a people person. You know how to be with customers and you know how to be with your workmates. Friendly, polite with a good sense of discretion.


You definitely want to put your best into your designs and make sure your customers leave the studio happy and hopefully come back for more great tattoos.


We think it is a big plus if you are an art geek. Of course you love to draw, but you also love to do other sort of artsy stuff too. Whether its digital art, sculpting, graphic design, painting Warhammer Miniatures, running in museums –  it’s all good. We try to create an art driven tattoo collective that inspires you to improve your art skills.


We don’t really expect this from you, but we do try to create our studio the best environment for desiging. Both of our studios have 21 inch Wacom Cintiqs and all sort of digital tools. All our calendars, booking system, accounting, project management etc are digital.


We are not looking for apprentices, but artists who feel comfortable and confident doing tattoos. You have at least some years studio experience and working with other tattoo artists.  A good size clientele is good too, whether or not it reflects into your social media followers.


Social Media might be controversional to some, but if you look at it from the business perspective, 90% of the customers look for their artist’s work from the social media. So, it is a huge plus if you are comfortable using Instagram.


This should be clear without saying, but you do not have bloodborne diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, Aids, or any other diseases that might bring your customers or workmates at risk. We should be told about other diseases/conditions that might affect the work such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart diseases, alcholism, drug addictions etc.


It is much easier to hire you if you are EU citizen, but it’s not mandatory. It is possible though, that getting you a work permit and visas, might be harder or even impossible, if you are not from EU Countries. But that is something we’ll look into and take care of. It just might take a bit more time and energy.


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We are looking for new international artists!