JOBS - Tatuointiliike Krunikan Leima
Krunikan Leima on viihtyisä tatuointiliike Helsingin sydämessä Unioninkadulla. Tatuoijina toimivat Elisabet Waris, Parn Zanco, sekä Ilari Musta.
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We are hiring!

Krunikan Leima is a professional tattoo studio located in the very heart of Helsinki, Finland.  The studio has two spots, the street shop located on one of the main streets of Helsinki and the spacious and more private atellier just couple blocks away. We are not only known for great artists and guests, but also being the vegan-, lgbtq- and nerd-friendliest tattoo studio around. Now we are looking for likely-minded, friendly and tolerant people to join our team!

For people planning to move abroad, there are so many questions and uncertaintities that usually the idea might start to sound a bit too challenging – Well, not with us. In Krunikan Leima our shop manager is responsible that you have enough work to do – and the kind of work that you want to do. She will answer all customer emails, arrange your calendar, arrange your consultations, make sure your customers know when yo come, how much to pay and so on. And it doesn’t stop there – she’s also the one handling everything with accounting and salaries, so basically, as long as you make great designs and tattoos, the salary pops into your account magically every month and in time. No need for owning your own business or anything, all you need is an EU Passport. Krunikan Leima will make a work contract with you and take care of all the taxes, insurances, pention fees etc.

We will also help you to find an affordable accommodation, help you with moving and getting things running in Helsinki. Here are few good-to-know-things for you to help make the decission.


This is one of the most friendly and organized studios i’ve ever been to and it’s always a pleasure to come back here.
-Monika Boo



The basic hour rates in Finland are 100-150 euros or 600-1000 euros for a full day. In Krunikan Leima we take 200 euro booking fee from our customers which is not paid back if the customers doesn’t show up.


Studio pays everything except machines. The Finnish taxing is quite high, VAT is 24%, pension a bit over 20%, insurances, studio fees etc., but in return you get the best services in the world from education for your kids to universal health care. Your gross income is 40% of your sales.


Food is bit expensive in Helsinki, a monthly bus ticket is about 55 euros, a single room apartment starts from 650 euros / month, two rooms from 800 euros / month. A lunch in a restaurant is around 9-12 euros. A beer (not the cheapest) is about 6-7 euros in a bar.


Helsinki is becoming very international city and the metropolitan area has a population of 1 million people, while Finland itself has a population of 5,5 million people. Native languages are Finnish and Swedish, but pretty much everyone speaks good English in Helsinki.


Helsinki always ranks as Top 20 safest capitals in the world, and Finland ranks in top 20 of safest countries in the world. Helsinki is also a very safe place for tattoo artists and studios. It is not that unsual to meet the President in one of the local shops or public transport.


I dare to say that Helsinki is one of the most tolerant capitals in the world towards tattoos. Even if people do not agree with your body art, it’s a Finnish thing to keep your opinions to yourself. About 40% millenials in Finland have tattoos and 20% of the whole population.


There are about 60 tattoo studios in the metropolitan area, serving over 200 000 local tattooed customers. It means that the city can hold many more artists and because of the situation, you can easily concentrate on your preferred style. Plus lots of customers come outside the metropolitan area as well.


The area where Krunikan Leima is located, is one of the top places in Helsinki. It holds the Presidential Palace, the Parlament, University of Helsinki, the Cathedral and other sights. The place is by the sea as is our studio (20 meters and you ”could” go for a swim…)


The Finnish bureaucracy tends to work quite well and we will happily help you out with all the forms and papers with immigration office and so on.


Some of us are pretty nerdy playing rpgs, consoles and so on, but we also very art-orientated. Most of us have their non-tattoo related art projects going on and we have internationally published illustrators in the team as well. The studio has lots of room for drawing, digital arts and painting.


You would be working in a work space with new premium equipment from Kwadron and Tatsoul with good space and all the supplies you need from Nordic Tattoo Supplies, top supplier in Scandinavia.


You’d be considered as equal when it comes to rates, spots and so on. Everything is transparent and you also can see others’ rates and salaries. We have very open communication and are pretty problem-free and safe and fair environment to work and to develop.


Please fill this form and lets find out!



Thank you!