Keep It Clean - Tatuointiliike Krunikan Leima
Krunikan Leima on viihtyisä tatuointiliike Helsingin sydämessä Unioninkadulla. Tatuoijina toimivat Elisabet Waris, Parn Zanco, sekä Ilari Musta.
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Keep It Clean

Number one thing about taking care of your tattoo is to keep it clean, away from sun and away from chemicals other than your tattoo artist have suggested for aftercare.

You should wash it with warm water 2-3 times per day and avoid swimming and sauna, as well as sun bathing for at least 4 weeks. Also take it easy with excercise for two weeks.
When ever applying the aftercare product on your fresh tattoo, do it with clean hands and on clean skin 4-5 times per day. For the tattoo, its better the more air it gets, so do not wrap it with plastic wrap or try to avoid wearing tight clothes over it.

It is also very important that you give the tattoo the time it needs to heal. Do not scratch or rub it. When you towel dry it, just pat it try.

If you have any problems during the healing or afterwards, do not hesitate to contact your tattoo artists. And take it easy. Don’t panic.