Krunikan Leimaan on tullut 2020 alussa useampi uusi tatuoija ja ensimmäisenä esitellään meidän blogissa neotraditionaaliseen tyyliin erikoistunut Elena Mignani.

Pyysimme Elenaa kirjoittamaan hieman itsestään englanniksi.

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”I started to be passionate about tattooing around the age of thirteen, when I was still in school. The world of tattoos has always attracted me and has always been very fascinating to me. I have always studied art both at school and on my own. I started attending art school and then moved on to the international comics school in Rome. It was while I was attending the first year that I realized that my real path was the one of tattoos and so I enrolled in the tattoo course where I learned the basics of tattooing and everything there is to know about dermatology, related to tattoos.
I tattooed for four years in Italy until I decided to travel abroad to learn and progress with my style and techniques of tattooing. Then I moved to England where I worked for 3 years a few studios in Sheffield. In those years I have learned a lot about tattoos, but above all I got the opportunity to understand where I wanted to go with my style.
After having had the opportunity to tattoo in a newly opened studio in Turku for 8 months, I can safely say that it was the best time for my career as a tattoo artist. It is where I had the most freedom to express my style and creativity.
My art and tattoos are inspired by nature, animals and art. But above all from the magical aspect of them. In my drawings I want to tell stories, and try to capture the client’s imagination giving the chance to find their own meaning in each piece.Flash Sheet 2 (1)
The style I prefer to tattoo is neotraditional, I think it is the style that gives me more freedom of expression without having to feel obliged to follow the rigid rules of some other styles. I have no preference in tattooing colour or black and grey, nor specific subjects. Any idea is welcome!”

-Elena Mignani


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