In Krunikan Leima we appreciate international atmosphere and there are guest artists visiting in our studio every year. If you are interested in doing a guest spot with us, here’s everything you should know about it. If you can’t find answer here for a question, send it us by email

What are the terms to work in Krunikan Leima?


You have a valid work permit

We don’t accept illegal work at our studio. As in, you can’t work with a tourist visa at our studio. If you are outside of Europe, you need a valid work permit before coming to work in our studio. If you have EU Passport, you do not need the permit.

You have same values as us

If you have problems with vegans, nerds, LGBTQ+, left and you are more into nazi bullshit, this is not the studio for you. 

You have a valid VAT code

 You need to have a valid VAT/IVA company so we can send invoice for our share.


What benefities will I get by being a guest artist in Krunikan Leima?


Shop manager

When you come to visit our studio as a guest artist, we want to make it as easy for you as possible. In Krunikan Leima, we have a full-time shop manager who takes care of our artists’ bookings. She is also a contact person for our guests, if you allow our shop manager to take care of your calendar. 


We will make a promo photo and description of your visit, including 3 photos of your tattoo work and a photo of yourself (selfie will do well). We will ask you questions about wishes for tattoos you would like to do during your visit and based on your answers, we will write a description for promo photo. This promo photo will be promoted on our Instagrams and other social networks. Our mission is to make sure that all our guests are fully booked before they come to our studio and Helsinki, but sometimes we are not able to fully book the dates and that’s why we want you also to be cooperative and let us know if you want to do walk-in or give available designs for customers to pick, if there are empty dates left.

We also send a monthly newsletter to our customers via email, where we will promote your visit.


We offer our guests an accommodation option near our studio, distance one short walk away and accommodation costs are included in studio fee. If the guest wants to travel with someone (1 person), we will also pay for the traveling company’s accommodation fees. Accommodation is either in hostel or hotel (not luxury, but something we have had good experiences).

The guest also can have their own accommodation, if they don’t want this option. It won’t affect on studio fee.


Okay… I’m interested! How customers make a booking then, how are they charged and what is your studio fee?



If you choose our shop manager to handle your bookings, customers can book you an appointment by filling our contact form at our website. Our shop manager will be in touch with them and book them on our digital calendar. She will choose and book customers based on your description of tattoos you would like to do. If she is not sure if the project is something you want to do, she will ask you first about it via email. She will keep you updated about bookings before your visit, so you have time to prepare your own schedule for designing and all other stuff. To make bookings smooth, we hope the guest to be cooperative in answering times with our shop manager. 

Bookings are arranged during our opening hours (Mon-Fri 10-17) or unless otherwise stated.


During your visit, we recommend charging your customers with following. 

  • Hour price – 120-150€
  • Full day – 700-1000€
  • (+ Booking fee 200€ in advance, refunded) 

We only accept a credit card as a payment method at our studio, no cash. We can also send invoices.

Studio fee

Our studio fee is 40% of your sales and it includes accommodation and tattoo supplies costs. There’s two ways you can handle the payments. Either we charge everything with our card reader and through our accounting and you send us an invoice for 60% (includes VAT 24% in Finland). Or you can charge everything by yourself (offering receipts to your customers) and we send you and invoice for 40% share (VAT 24% included).

  • Full name:
  • Personal ID code / your studio’s VAT/IVA code:
  • Full home address / your studio’s address:
  • Bank account (IBAN form):
  • Bank’s name:
  • Bank’s BIC code: