If you want a tattoo in Krunikan Leima, it’s good for you to know about all the risks and you have to agree with the terms below.

Risks of taking tattoo

  • Tattooing is compared to a little surgical operation, where tattoo ink is placed on your skin with needles. Inks may cause allergic reactions, regardless of them being accepted in the EU and the United States. Allergic reactions may appear fast or after 1 year of getting tattooed. If you have e.g. a resin allergy, tell your artist about it before getting tattooed. Regardless of the risks being minimized in Krunikan Leima, your tattoo can inflame e.g. because of bad aftercare. If these things happen, be in touch with your doctor but please also tell your tattoo artist about this.
  • Tattoo is a permanent illustration on your skin and will modify the view of your own body, but also how other people will see you. Some people’s reactions can be very harsh and tattoos may affect e.g. on your act of becoming employed and human relations. So, use your common sense when choosing the subject and placement for a tattoo.
  • Laceration isn’t always an option. For example, a tattoo ink we like to use (Dynamic), is hard to get off with a laser.


 When we DON’T do tattoos?

  • We don’t tattoo under 18 year olds, not even with a permission from a parent.
  • We don’t tattoo pregnant or nursing ladies.
  • We don’t tattoo people who have HIV, hepatitis, jaundice, hemophilia or other diseases that are infected through blood.
  • We don’t do tattoos for people who have a heart disease or/and have a medication for it before agreement from the doctor of getting tattooed.
  • We don’t do tattoos for people who have epilepsy or diabetes before agreement from the doctor of getting tattooed.
  • We don’t do tattoos on genital areas.
  • Baseline is that we don’t tattoo on visible areas like faces, fingers, hardels or necks (people who have a lot of tattoos already are exceptions).
  • We don’t do racist tattoos.
  • We don’t do tattoos which are identical to someone else’s designs or artwork.
  • Baseline is that we don’t do tattoos that we think it’s a stupid or bad idea for a tattoo. 
  • We don’t tattoo people who are drunk or under the influence of a drug (So please come tattooed when you are sober. Caffeine is ok.)
  • We don’t tattoo people who have a bad self-hygiene (So please come tattooed when you are clean.)
  • We don’t do piercings or scarifications. 
  • We don’t do tattoos with only white ink.
  • We don’t do tattoos for a debt (payment is always processed after being tattooed).

In addition we ALWAYS keep our rights of refusing to do the tattoo if we are willing to do so.



  • We don’t give refunds for customers if booked appointment moves to another date or is cancelled (either from tattooist’s or customer’s side). Of course we are always trying to arrange things the way that the final result pleases both sides (we are not being inclined to be assholes on these things).
  • We take 200€ deposit which is also a pre-payment for tattoo. We don’t refund the deposit if customer doesn’t show up on appointment day and doesn’t inform about it. It’s possible to move appointment if it’s done 24 hours before date.
  • Baseline is that when the appointment is booked and signed to agree which tattoo you are going to take, it’s not possible to change the idea anymore. For example if there is designed to be a big cat tattoo on the shoulder, we won’t change cat to “Love” text on the wrist.


Design of tattoo

  • For now we don’t guarantee when customer will see the design. But we will try to show the design during the day before appointment day. Customer also has rights to propose changing ideas for tattoo.
  • We don’t agree to changes which we think that will damage the design.
  • We don’t design tattoos if tattooing is done by someone.


Customer register

By agreeing the terms you also agree that your contact details will be added to Krunikan Leima’s customer register. By being there you’ll get emails from Krunikan Leima onto your email or/and cellphone (i.a. appointment reminders, offerings, released appointments). Customer register is used by Krunikan Leima and Musta Magia Oy (same company).

Krunikan Leima’s 10§ & 24§ ’s register caption, according to the law of personal data (523/1999).



By agreeing the terms you also give permission to Krunikan Leima to use photos of you and your tattoo that are taken in the studio. Photos are used in Krunikan Leima’s social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Krunikan Leima’s website. You have rights to refuse photos or if we take a photo of finished tattoo, you can ask to take a photo the way your face won’t show.

You also can take photos of our studio and share them on social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Tagging your artist on the photo is also ok.



As crazy as it may sound, copyrights of tattoo will remain for the artist. As in, the design on your skin can’t be used in commercial purposes. But if you do find commercial use for tattoo, discuss with your artist about it.


Thank you for reading our terms and hopefully they didn’t scare too much. Baseline is that tattoos are designed based on customer’s own wishes and done by the best way so that both, customer and artist, are happy with the result. If you feel that some of these terms above doesn’t sound right, contact us tatuointiliike (a) krunikanleima.fi . We are ready to do exceptions in some cases if needed.


The Krunikan Leima Crew